List of Pre-Assembled Sample Cups

32 MM CUPS - SC-3332 (Packs of 48) 35 MM CUPS - SC-3335 (Packs of 48)
PA-100-32-130 Mylar® 3.0μm (0.12mil) PA-200-35-130 Mylar® 3.0μm (0.12mil)
PA-120-32-135 Mylar® 3.5μm (0.14mil) PA-220-35-135 Mylar® 3.5μm (0.14mil)
PA-140-32-160 Mylar® 6.0μm (0.24mil) PA-240-35-160 Mylar® 6.0μm (0.24mil)
PA-160-32-240 Polypropylene 4.0μm (0.16mil) PA-260-35-240 Polypropylene 4.0μm (0.16mil)
PA-180-32-260 Polypropylene 6.0μm (0.24mil) PA-280-35-260 Polypropylene 6.0μm (0.24mil)
PA-195-32-M30 MembrixRF® 3.0μm (0.12mil) PA-295-35-M30 MembrixRF® 3.0μm (0.12mil)
40 MM CUPS - SC-3340 (Packs of 32) 40 MM CUPS - SC-3340-T (Packs of 32)
PA-300-40-130 Mylar® 3.0μm (0.12mil) PA-400-40T-130 Mylar® 3.0μm (0.12mil)
PA-320-40-135 Mylar® 3.5μm (0.14mil) PA-420-40T-135 Mylar® 3.5μm (0.14mil)
PA-340-40-160 Mylar® 6.0μm (0.24mil) PA-440-40T-160 Mylar® 6.0μm (0.24mil)
PA-360-40-240 Polypropylene 4.0μm (0.16mil) PA-460-40T-240 Polypropylene 4.0μm (0.16mil)
PA-380-40-260 Polypropylene 6.0μm (0.24mil) PA-480-40T-260 Polypropylene 6.0μm (0.24mil)
PA-395-40-M30 MembrixRF® 3.0μm (0.12mil) PA-495-40T-M30 MembrixRF® 3.0μm (0.12mil)
45 MM CUPS - SC-3345 (Packs of 32) 47 MM CUPS - SC-3347 (Packs of 32)
PA-400-45-130 Mylar® 3.0μm (0.12mil) PA-500-47-130 Mylar® 3.0μm (0.12mil)
PA-420-45-135 Mylar® 3.5μm (0.14mil) PA-520-47-135 Mylar® 3.5μm (0.14mil)
PA-440-45-160 Mylar® 6.0μm (0.24mil) PA-540-47-160 Mylar® 6.0μm (0.24mil)
PA-460-45-240 Polypropylene 4.0μm (0.16mil) PA-560-47-240 Polypropylene 4.0μm (0.16mil)
PA-480-45-260 Polypropylene 6.0μm (0.24mil) PA-580-47-260 Polypropylene 6.0μm (0.24mil)
PA-495-45-M30 MembrixRF® 3.0μm (0.12mil) PA-595-47-M30 MembrixRF® 3.0μm (0.12mil)


CapX® Pre-Assembled Micro Cups (Packs of 12)
SKU FLIM TYPE OD (mm) H (mm) V (mL)
PA-620-01-135 Mylar® 3.5μm (0.14mil) 20 13 1.5
PA-640-01-160 Mylar® 6.0μm (0.24mil) 20 13 1.5
PA-694-01-M30 MembrixRF® 3.0μm (0.12mil) 20 13 1.5