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Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to the PREMIER Lab Supply newly redesigned website. You will see we have a new logo with a new style that has a more contemporary look and feel to it; but this is only part of the story.  our new website, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, is more agile, interactive, and easier to read and navigate, enabling clients and first time guests just like you, to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Some of our main goals we wanted to achieve when designing the new site were to be able to navigate easily through the site with user-friendly navigation and incorporate e-commerce simplicity while discovering the latest information about all of our products and services available on-line.

We hope you will visit the new website on a frequent basis and acquaint yourself with the new design. We’re quite proud of it, but we know there’s still work to do. In the coming months, we hope to continue improving the site so that it best serves how we communicate with you.

Profile and Mission

PREMIER manufactures and distributes XRF sample preparation consumables, equipment and platinum ware items. Our steady growth and success is directly attributed to our philosophy and commitment to value for our customers. As a result, PREMIER is fast becoming the next generation of leading XRF manufacturers. Our mission remains simple: "to offer the best prices in the industry for XRF consumables and other related sample preparation products and services without ever compromising quality".

Products and Services

PREMIER's consumables include XRF liquid sample cells and thin film sample support materials, along with products and accessories for press pelletizing, fusion and platinum lab ware items. Our re-fabrication service will turn your old metal back into new again for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Products that qualify for re-fabrication include anodes, beakers, electrodes, evaporating dishes and crucibles/lids in many different shapes, weights and dimensions. In addition, we offer a full range of fusion apparatus lab ware, including crucibles and molds suitable for Phoenix, Claisse®, Herzog, Katenax, Leco®, Perl'X and Vulcan, to name a few. Ask about our professional cleaning and polishing service that has a 24-hour guaranteed turnaround time.

We also provide field service support for all Phoenix fusion models including the new VFD machines. We have you covered from full service plans and preventive maintenance programs to emergency next day calls and technical telephone support.

Satisfaction and Results

We are prepared to meet your challenge and expectations. Regardless of your applications, your data can be useless if your sample is poorly prepared or not representative. PREMIER products and services can help you achieve accurate and consistent results by ensuring reliable, reproducible samples, all at a value-based prices. If you work with an XRF instrument and/or utilize precious metals for your sample preparation methods, then we invite you to explore our company and compare the savings. We have such a high degree of confidence in our products and services that we have an unconditional 30-day refund policy on all of our products and services. If it's not the right product or service rendered for your lab application, simply send it back to us.

Note: This web site provides a comprehensive guide to the products and services available from PREMIER and their use in the laboratory.

Most of the items listed are available from stock and include pricing information. Some platinum and platinum alloy products are available from stock, and we would be pleased to provide price and delivery information for any item. We also readily quote for non-standard items, providing assistance with design when necessary.


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